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It is with great sadness that I post this; Dr. Robert Moog has passed away Sunday August 21, 2005. Bob Moog's involvement in experimental music and the development of his instruments provided the foundation of why I created the Cochlear Electrolysis concept. I never met Bob Moog and Bob had no involvement in Cochlear Electrolysis physically, however his spirit gave me a drive to further the experience of experimental music.  


DR. BOB MOOG 1934 – 2005

May he rest in peace


Hello everyone, this update is a bit of a sad one. One of my heros has a brain tumor...Dr. Robert (Bob) Moog!!! For those not familar with his genious, Dr. Moog is known for his involvment with the theremin abd synthesizer. Although he also has been involved in other areas as well.
WOW I've been sleeping...I'm like 2 months behind on updating this thing (site). I realised after visiting Gary Numans site that I was also a bit behind on updating my site. Those of you who know me of course know that NUMAN is my hero; along with Jesus. Odd pairing I know, but if you knew me you would know it fits me.  Okay now I need to make this update meaningful. Just recently I finally got the footage from the Patrick's Caberet gig I performed at in May. I am in the process of editing and converting the footage to be shown/downloaded here. I'm excited as the material turned out much better than I had expected. I also plan to have pictures posted of my corrosive modulator used in the show.
This is a bit late, however the Patrick's show was incredible! I plan to have photos added here in the future. As mentioned I did add something to the show, a pair of video goggles I created. When I looked at the mixer Corrosive modulator this was projected back at me from a TV projector.
The final countdown approaches, we are now days away from the Patrick's lift off. The new corrosive modulator device is near completion. In addition to the CM device listed above, prepare to hear another Circuit Bend device that I plan to incorporate into my show. I may have one or two additional surprises also. Looking forward to seeing you all there...
Click here to see what else is going on at Patrick's
Patrick's Cabaret performance
Cochlear Electrolysis performance dates are rapidly approaching.  Stop in Friday April 8th or Saturday April 9th. Show starts 8:00p.m. $6.00 @ the door.  For more details about my performance @ the Cabaret click here.
I just finished creating the first Cochlear Electrolysis album cover. It can be viewed here. I am preparing and rehearsing for a taping of the Cochlear Electrolysis experience. 
Exciting things are beginning to happen here at the Cochlear Electrolysis lab. Tonight begins another year of being apart of a program called "15 minutes waste of time" broad cast on CTV produced by Dr Homayoun Azar a.k.a John.
Next week will begin the taping of more episodes of "Sounds of Reverberation" This will include a live in studio performance by Cochlear Electrolysis. This will be a first for CE as the show I perform is usually only seen live. This performance can be seen on CTV.
Speaking of live shows Cochlear Electrolysis is now confirmed to perform April 8th and 9th at Patrick's Cabaret. The Cabaret is an excellent venue for starting artist. More details will be posted the closer we get to April. Hope you can come check out the show.
Many exciting things are in the works for 2005. Toward the end of January I will be on a show called 15 minutes waste of time. Taping of the show begins1/17/2004.
I looks as though sometime in April Cochlear Electrolysis will be performing over at Patrick's Cabaret.
The archiving project has gone well, however it has been discovered that their were more things to archive. I hope to soon have some of the compositions available at my Leo Servant site in the near future.
Plans are in the works to tape more episodes of Sounds of Reverberation. I am the host of the show and plan to have many exciting thing during the new season.
In the midst of all the projects already mentioned I have been restoring a semi huge modular synthesizer. This has been laying dormant for a while. I hope to resurrect this incredible instrument sometime this year.
I have plans to invent some new circuit bent circuit. This will require some experimenting time. Time is something I am finding tough to budget.


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