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Dr. Robert Moog is the genius behind many popular electronic music devices. 
The synthesizer being his greatest creation. However he has made numerous other contributions to electronic music namely the Theremin, Sequencer, Arpeggiator, Vocoder, and various others.
Tired of being a computer programmer to compose music? Check out a OPEN LABS setup. Extensive composing sophistication without the engineering degree.
Go to thier site...tell 'em Facade sent you.
Suzanne is one of the great pioneers of synthesizers. She is well known for her use of modular synthesizers to create jingles and sound effects for television and radio commercials. She is responsible for creating the famous Coke and a smile jingle and the sound of the coke bottle being opened and poured. In recent years she has also become a well known recording artist in her own right. Check out her site for more details.
Cochlear Electrolysis is proud to include this link here. Patrick's is a great venue for new artist. Please consider supporting the Cabaret either in talent or finacial means.
Click on the above title to get info on when and where we will be performing.
Loopers delight!  has inforfmational resources on looping.
Circuit bending history, technique, and general sonic mayhem.
A site by Tim Kaiser. He among other things is a circuit bender. His creations are a work of art truly. This site is worth seeing just to see his creations.
Learn more about the SU200 here.
Learn more about the SRM-10X here.
Learn more about the MRS-4 here.
Learn more about the WEDGE here.
A great site full of resources for the Electronic musician
Go here to learn more about the SX-1 from other users.
Alien126 is a site of fun and creativity.Many are LOVING THE ALIEN.
Dedicated to broadening social and aesthetic networks, encouraging the flow of images and ideas between different cultural and economic communities.
Here is a place to record electronic music.
Excellent public access station.
Free thinking radio...very open to new ideas.
One of the greatest music inventor in the world. Raymond Scott  is a  huge inspiration to Facade.
This is an excellent resource for expanding creativity.
A great resource for the latest music/technology of today and the future.
Numan, known for his 80's POLYMOOG hit CARS, has since released over 15 albums! Mr. Webb (as his true fans know him) has been a big influence on HIP HOP, ELECTRONICA, AMBIENT, TECHNO and even artist who are considered more acoustic based rather than electronic





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