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 Scorched love


By Façade Fadden a.k.a Leo Sauvageau

Created June 26, 2000

Inspired after reading a letter by S.S.


© 2000 Leo Sauvageau All rights reserved


Distant child inside my heart

You're surrounded by the flame

I know it is the fire of fear

That consumes you with its reign


I know the terror inside of you

Is fueled for fear sake

I know it’s hard to dowse the flame

With water of mistakes


I know the fire of torment

Grows the more they give

I know the more you run from love

The more it burns to live


I know the furnace of your heart

Glows a bright red

I know the reason that it does

Is because of what was said


Oh the child of my soul

If you only knew

By throwing away the coal of hate

The fire would have no fuel


For it is you, my heart, who truly fuels the flames


Time is watching


By Leo Servant a.k.a Façade Fadden, Leo Sauvageau

© 1996 Leo Servant all rights reserved


Time, a marker

To indicate where you came from

And to show where youre going


Always moving forward

To a grander perspective

Time is a gauge

To show you where youre at


Time is no liar

It always tells the truth

You can never hide from time

For it always sees you


Remember no matter what happens

Or where you go

If you make the right or wrong decision

Time will let you know










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