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Cochlear Electrolysis thanks:
GOD (my Creator and Father), Y2K4, Loopers Delight, Pioneers of electronic music, Reed Ghazala (circuit bending creator/pioneer) Brian Enomy parents (Lenny and Pat Sauvageau behind me through thick and thin), Ginger (for her contribution) Danny Wicks (Mr. DJ), Dr. Homayoun Azar (Johnny A the producer), Jim Strecker (ZEOS), Mark and Deb Johnson (the dream begins), Michelle Whipple (friend), Tetra Pak (Tetra Rex and the many friends there who support me daily), Wooddale (my first gig). Lenny (my inner child) Leo (my inner driving force), Leo Servant (my alter-ego), Invisible Art Productions (my baby), Atonomy Lion (my brain child), GARY NUMAN ( the reason I bought my first synth), PRINCE (for inspiration and my learning of production, arrangement, composition, audio engineering, mixing, and mastering during listening to his music.) Tangerine Dream for willing to create some of the first electronic music)
This website has been created by Cochlear Electrolysis a.k.a Leo

***This website has been created by Cochlear Electrolysis***