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FACADE FADDEN aka "FADE" I started doing electronic music after buying my first synthesizer in the mid 1980's. This started a love affair with devices that created electronic sounds...Originally it was the bands and artists that used synthesizers, drum machines and samplers that inspired my passion for synthesizers. This quickly changed to delving deeper into the instruments themselves. I soon started studying the different types of sound creation and the history of electronic music.


I studied the various techniques of sound creation. During my searching I discovered an electronic musician by the name of Pierre Schaffer. Schaffer in the early 1900's called his music technique Musique Concrete. The compositions being created in France by Schaffer involved recording sound sources to tape and then manipulating the tape in various ways. This included cutting the tape at various angles, splicing the tape back together, Splicing together two different tape sources. Also new techniques such as tape delays and tape looping were being used.


Now let's go to circa 2003, it was this year that I discovered Circuit BendingCircuit Bending is a technique of using obsolete toys, electronic keyboards, or anything requiring batteries to operate. Then rewiring the circuit board to create a device that generates various tones quite different from the original. The circuits Cochlear Electrolysis make are loop based and random in nature. So when we trigger the circuit, the sounds produced are unknown until triggered and heard.


The idea of using the random looping patterns generated by the Corrosive Modulator circuit live came to me when I realized that pretty much everything done live in electronic music is all the same. Also I had been reading about Experimental Music of yesteryear and wanted to revisit the tape loop performance via modern technology. It made sense to me to follow this through to completion using Hard Disk Recorders and Phrase Samplers. It isn’t uncommon to hear notes randomized via an arpeggiator. I thought, “why not randomize the sound source instead of the notes”.


Quote by Facade Fadden aka Leo Sauvageau…

“It seems to me that some of the most beautiful things produced are often created under stress and pressure…just look at a diamond” This same principal applies to the performance of Cochlear Electrolysis.


***This website has been created by Cochlear Electrolysis***