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I got into music when I was six years old, my dad introduced me to the piano and I learned how to play "Chariots of Fire"  When I heard the theme song from "Beverly Hills Cop" that's when I got into keyboards.  


It wasn't until I was 15 when I got into Electronic music.  I got into The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.  I loved what they were doing and I got inspired to do my own electronic music.  I really didn't know much about electronic music then, so I did some research and I discovered more about what synthesizers were and what you could do with them, discovered different types of synths, how to make beats, how to record and other basic things an electronic artist would need to know.


When I was high school yet I got into NIN.  I love Trent Reznor's work!!  A genius to what he did to Industrial music.  That type of music is my fav.  It has the soul of rock because it’s so dark and it's sounds is electronic.  I just love it.  Mainly I compose Industrial stuff or experimental and with Circuit Bending I can get weird sounds that I've been wanting for a long time.  Synthesizers now days can't beat what these little monsters can do! 


Also another Artist I get inspired by is Juno Reactor.  I love this guy also.  He makes weird and creepy sounds that just make you say “Where did he get those sounds from?  Or "How did he do that?"  And his transitions through his songs are awesome, something to follow by. 


I love artists who are different and try to separate themselves from everybody who is doing the same type of music.   Like Linkin' Park and what they're doing with Rock and Hip Hop.  (I love them too by the way.)  I think fans of music look for different bands and or artists and I think that's a part of why Linkin' Park is such a huge success.


Ginger thanks: I thank the Lord for everything that has been given to me and has happended to me.  I like to thank my Parents Tim and Jenell Murray, my three brothers Vic, Ted, and Matt.   I also like to thank the rest of my family.  Last but not least I thank Facade Fadden.  Thank you for everything my friend!

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